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We are a non-profit organization consisting of health care professionals, researchers, and individuals who have come together with the aim of reducing still births and improving care for families who experience such tragedies.

Our Story

The idea of registering the Stillbirth Society of India was conceived by me about a year ago and registered on 11 Feb 2021. It is the first registered society in India and is affiliated with the International Stillbirth Alliance.
I can recount a few experiences which define for me the many facets of the problem of stillbirths in India.

As a senior resident walking into the labor room I heard a ward attendant telling a bereaved father waiting for his stillborn to be handed over to the family saying—look the labor room is very busy, should I worry about the live babies or should I waste time in handing over your dead baby?
I realized the complete lack of empathy and dignity in death.

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Dr. Tamkin Khan
Founder Secretary

President's Message

Stillbirth is one of the most devastating life events with substantial physical, psycho social impacts on women, families & society. It’s a huge public health concern. In 2019, globally an estimated 1.9 million babies were stillborn and India topped the wrong charts with maximum number of still births. The irony is that stillbirths have been absent from most of the programs so far. They are invisible due to social taboos, stigma, isolation etc. There are no formal organizations in our country for raising voices of these bereaved parents & families.It’s my immense pleasure to introduce Stillbirth Society of India as the first formal organization dedicated to stillbirths in India. This is a long awaited and much needed step to draw attention on this important public health problem. Every unborn baby has the right to receive best care.All bereaved parents must have the highest quality respectful bereavement care. I am very hopeful that through the medium of this organization we will bring people together who share the common objective of raising awareness about stillbirth and reducing the preventable stillbirths and improving the care provision to the parents following stillbirths. Stillbirth Society of India will continue to work in this area to make a dent in this unexplored area. “The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.” —Bob Parsons

Vice President's Message

The topic of stillbirth has not received the importance it deserves. The stillbirth society of India has been set up with the aim of facilitating an effort to minimize these preventable stillbirths. Stillbirth rates vary across the world from 4 to 40 per thousand births. The disparity reflects a possibility of reducing rates with appropriate interventions.

The stillbirth society of India is the first formal organization to be registered in India in affiliation to International stillbirth Alliance. The society aims to focus on different aspect of stillbirths. From data, guidelines, each causative factor to placental pathology. The society is much awaited need for the women of India who have lost and grieve the loss of their babies. Public awareness is lacking, the loss is still regarded as taboo; we need to start talking, inviting these women to be a part of change. A life shattering event for many couples which leads to depression and mental health issues. Bereavement counseling needs training so as to be supportive to these couples.

The stillbirth society of India is much needed organization for a public Heath issue. Bringing together people from all aspects of maternity care in India, to share, discuss, learn, and prevent will impact the numbers. We welcome all stake holders to come and join. Together we can do so much.
Preventing a stillbirth is lifetime of love and livelihood for a family!

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